What is e-speak

What is e-speak?

Chapter 2 of the Internet is dawning where dynamic, universal e-services will become readily available to consumers and businesses in an open services marketplace. Much as HTTP and HTML standards fostered proliferation of content on the web in Chapter 1, the e-speak open services software platform will provide new standards for Chapter 2 e-services.

The e-speak services defines a uniform services interface (API’s) and uniform services interaction (e-speak engine) that allows e-services to dynamically interact to discover, negotiate, broker and compose themselves to solve a business to business or business to consumer service request.

Enabled by e-speak, Internet Chapter 2 is about changing the Internet experience from “do it yourself” to “do it for me.”

e-speak and Open Source
Hewlett-Packard believes that the open source community is the ideal environment for creating a truly open standard for e-services. Open source can modify and evolve software at a speed far greater than the slow place of conventional software development, and ultimately produce better software than traditional closed models in which only a few programmers can see and improve the code quality and capabilities.

HP has been a strong advocate for the open source movement. HP is a founding sponsor of the SourceXchange, a forum linking Open Source developers worldwide with intensifying commercial interest in Open Source software.

e-speak platform software is being released under well-accepted open source licenses: GPL for the run-time engine and LGPL for the programming library API’s. e-speak trademark license for derivative works that comply with the e-speak architecture specification will be available to developers at no cost.

As the founding member of the e-speak open source community, HP will initially fund the complete open source hosting environment. Once launched, HP will actively recruit prominent industry and open source leaders to assume joint ownership of the e-speak core software and hosting site. Over time, new community members will assume primary responsibility with HP for the future development and maintenance of the e-speak e-services standard.

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